Show Notes

So you’re living a Paleo Lifestyle and have experienced some great improvements in your health but you still know things could be better? Get ready because today’s show is for you. Our guest was no stranger to a myriad of common symptoms that many of us know a little too well including painful bloating, mild depression, caffeine dependency chronic fatigue and nagging injuries. We know that the solution always starts with food, but as it turned out that was only half the solution. Inspired by the huge improvement in the way he felt eating in line with the Auto Immune Protocol Christopher developed a voracious appetite for research and was empowered learning that contrary to what many doctors told him, genetics were not the only underlying root cause to his health concerns, and that the answers were really out there waiting to be discovered. Through management of diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation Christopher has successfully achieved a new optimal level of health and fitness and was able to solve his health problems. Here today to help us learn more and benefit from his hard work, experience and research is Christopher Kelly from Nourish, Balance Thrive.

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