Show Notes

Skip the diet, just eat healthy- we like the sound of that! Today we are chatting to Paleo-enthusiast, Irena Macri, who is renowned for her popular Paleo blog, Eat Drink Paleo. Irena embraced the Paleo lifestyle a few years ago when she watched her mum, a seemingly healthy and active woman, go through two cancers. Irena became more aware of her own health, attempted various trends and discovered Paleo in late 2011. Through her own research Irena realised Paleo is not a diet in the way we think of diet, but a lifestyle philosophy. Besides switching to a Paleo way of eating, Irena also left her stressful job, became more active, and decided to improve her sleep. As a result she feels much happier and healthier, and has lots of energy throughout the day. Currently based in London Irena brings a youthful, fresh & accessible 80/20 approach on her quest for great health and great tasting food and will bring out her first cookbook, originally self-published, on the 28th of January, with a second Paleo cookbook due later in 2015. We’ve got lots to talk about so lets get to it, welcome to the show Irena Macri.

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