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SLP 273: Self Love Quicky – Healing After Surgery

Episode 273
27, Apr, 2023
}10 Minutes

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Surgery is a big deal and for many getting over the surgery is even bigger. Your surgeon does his part while you are in the hospital but when you leave, recovery is your challenge and your responsibility. Here are 10 ways to help speed up the healing process so you can get back to life as quickly as possible.

1. Use Essential Oils
Smell is very closely linked to our emotions. When things smell good you naturally feel better. Hospitals may not smell bad, but for many they have a very clinical chemical aroma. Placing a drop of rose oil on your heart for strength, peppermint on the temples for clarity or to relieve headaches, sandalwood on the tummy if feeling nervous and for grounding and lavender on the base of the neck to stimulate the vagus nerve which controls the functioning of most significant organs in the body. You can also use blends from Twenty8 like Instant Calm and Immune Boost.

2. Read Inspiring Words
Take a good book with you. Something that lights you up, inspires and encourages you to be your best self. For some that could be a novel but for others that could indeed be a wonderful chance to do some powerful self-growth too. Download Audible if you fancy listening to a good book too.

3. Self-Hypnosis and Meditation
One of the best ways to prepare your incredible body for surgery is to have a calming, healing and inspiring self-hypnosis routine or listen to a powerful meditation focused on strength, healing and recovering. This can be an incredible tool post-surgery too to alleviate pain and any feelings of being uncomfortable. Speak to a Hypnotherapist or download a meditation from Insight Timer.

4. Give Your Body The Right Fuel
Although you may not feel like eating after surgery, it is important to provide your body the needed energy to recover. Protein is very important to the healing process, so choose your free range meats wisely and go for organic chicken, eggs and fish. Foods containing iron and B12 can help the body form needed new blood cells.

5. Pure Blackcurrant Powder
Often found in fruits we know Vitamin C helps to boost the healing process. So does Camu Camu and Pure Blackcurrant Powder. Blackcurrant is also very high in anthocyanins which offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective activities.

6. Get Moving
As soon as is possible it is important to move your body. Movement increases the flow of blood, which aids in healing. Walking can help prevent harmful blood clots also. Mild activity helps reduce the chances of developing pneumonia. When the doctor gives approval, start therapy to stretch scar tissue and regain muscle strength.

7. Drink Your Fluids
Getting as many quality fluids into your body post-surgery is imperative. Of course, number one is filtered water but you may feel like watered down organic juices too. A favourite of mine has been lemon, orange and manuka honey hot drinks.

8. Eat Fermented Foods
To help heal the gut from any medications required for surgery ensure you replenish your health with fermented foods, pre and pro-biotics and things like kimchi or sauerkraut with meals. These will help heal the microbiome and support you to recover from the anaesthetic.

9. Follow Good Advice
One thing I have heard medical specialists say is you do not have to be the hero. If in pain take the medication, if you feel exhausted, rest. Follow the surgeons advice to protect the part that was operated on. You might also like to take the advice of a chiropractor, naturopath, herbalist and homeopath (or any therapist you admire) in the healing process too.

10. Give Yourself Permission To Rest
As tempting as it might be to get back to your normal activities it is incredibly important you respect your body’s need to rest and recover. A tricky one for someone like me but one you must do or else your body may enforce more rest by getting sick, inflamed or injured. Accepting support and help may also not be easy but allow yourself to be taken care of in the same way you would want to care for someone you loved.

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Recovery is your challenge and your responsibility
Place a drop of rose oil on your heart for strength
It is important to provide your body the needed energy to recover
Movement increases the flow of blood, which aids in healing
You do not have to be the hero
Allow yourself to be taken care of in the same way you would want to care for someone you loved


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