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SLP 260: Creating A Different Version Of Reality with Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo Part 2

Episode 260
15, Mar, 2023
}56 Minutes

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‘A belief is really a feeling of certainty around something. Our beliefs are formed in different stages and usually there’s a decision made that precedes the belief. Sometimes people have one event one situation happen and from that moment on they think I am good enough or I am not good enough, or whatever different belief they could give themselves. And then they go through their life as their belief becomes their perception filter where we will delete things that go against our belief and actually change our filter of the world so it shows us things that are in alignment with our belief system. And a belief isn’t actually true, it becomes true.’

‘And I think it’s really easy to look at the results we’re getting in life and think we just have to change our actions but if you can start understanding what your beliefs are and your values are then you can start to understand how if you can shift those beliefs, then you will start getting different actions and different results. So really looking at the cause of what’s creating the effect in your life, or the outcomes in your life and starting to dig into those and start to shift those. It is really exciting and empowering when you realise how to actually shift those beliefs because I think there’s one thing being aware of a belief and it’s an entirely different thing to know how to actually shift, change and see it present a different version of reality for you as well’ 

With a new book about to be launched Juliet and Paul share the insights and practical activities they include in this game changer, ‘Evolve Your Mind’. Juliet and Paul speak about values and beliefs, what drives the way we perceive the world and how different we can see it when we shift our values and beliefs. They both share what NLP and Time Line Therapy is appreciating that intentionality and having an evolved state is where the coach appreciates the client has all the answers within. They also both share examples of how they work through their own challenges using these tools and hypnotherapy. 

Juliet Lever & Paul Eliseo are the co-founders of Evolve & Relaunch Education.
With over 20 years of combined experience in the personal development industry, Paul and Juliet have trained a community of students worldwide in NLP and Hypnotherapy. As a couple they are deeply passionate about bringing transformational skills and empowering knowledge to coaches and individuals to deepen their healing, confidence, skills and personal transformations.

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It is about starting the search and knowing what you are looking for
No one sees the world they see their version of the world
Evolve Your Mind
What filter is your reality
Use your conscious mind to ask the question and your unconscious mind to answer
It always comes back to curiosity
A belief is really a feeling of certainty around something
Usually, a decision is made that precedes the belief
A belief can be empowering or disempowering, useful or un-useful
All your beliefs stem from your values
A lot of our values are driven by our voids
The challenges and obstacles become the weights and that helps us get stronger
When you understand your values you will understand the inherent unconscious drivers
You literally perceive the world through your values
You re-evaluate the world
When you understand your values you understand yourself
Our values and beliefs are some of our biggest unconscious filters
You both can have the same external stimulus yet have a different meaning
Is it your fuel or kryptonite?
Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available
Understand different people’s model of the world
It frees you and allows you to get out of your own way
The client is the expert already have everything they need within them 
We want to get people beyond labels as they become the story
It is important to chip away the layers and reconnect to you again
Get back to the true you and that unlimited potential
Shift emotion, shift perception with your values for long lasting change
Belief in people’s capacity to change any of their limiting beliefs and stories
NLP is very outcome focused
This work compounds and creates long term outcomes
What we filter for we find
Listen to the language people use around you
Learn the language of the unconscious mind through Time Line Therapy
NLP is about modelling excellence
We are about evolving all the best little bits
Hypnosis is not what you do, you just are
All communication is hypnotic in nature
There is different ways of seeing the world with different points of view
Every level has a devil and its own challenges
It all starts by getting started
Keep evolving
Compare you to you!


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