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‘Resilience is one of the biggest things. Just because something is not going right doesn’t mean it’s game over or that you’re not doing a good job. It’s just going, ok how can I make that better next time and it’s ok. So, resilience comes to mind. But for me, how I do it, is I have a Friday where it is to myself. Now, at first, I found that really hard, I found that really selfish. Now, I think when you’re navigating the new platform of self-love, the word selfish will come up all the time. Oh I can’t do that, but someone needs me, or I could be doing this now or could be doing that now… Actually, quietening that down and giving yourself a whole day, which is what I do on Friday’s and that’s even with my kids and my business, I’m no-hat on a Friday. I am not a business owner, I’m not a mother, I’m not a friend… I’m simply navigating what I feel I need on that day on that week.’ ~ Kate Langford

Kate Langford is living proof that, as a woman, you can have your cake and eat it too. She has grown her business from a garage start-up to a million dollar company, all while raising her three children and maintaining her social life. Not only is she passionate about encouraging people to find the job they love, she also wants to empower and educate other women on how they can find this balance.

So often, women are told they need to make sacrifices to either chase a career or family life. Kate is determined to change that outdated mindset and show women why and how they can have it all.

After over fifteen years working in the recruitment and HR industries around Australia and becoming certified in HR, business management and counselling. Kate came to a point in her life that she felt like she had more to give.

She designed Kate Langford Career Consulting to help the people who really need it, and she continues to impact lives with her award-winning straight-shooter and real-life approach.

Being a mother to three children under eight, owning and directing a million-dollar business that has tripled (through Covid and while having her third baby) in five short years has been a huge achievement she is immensely proud of, all while helping change the lives of people across the country.

Kate Langford Career Consulting is recognised as one of the top career coaching companies inAustralia, transforming lives from toxic work environments, feeling underappreciated, being underpaid, lacking career growth opportunities, or just not loving the job to creating roles that are designed specifically for career seekers and their lifestyle.

Kate now has a graduate certificate in career development and is a member of the CDAA. She launched Kate Langford Business Consulting in 2023 to empower people to fire their boss and create the business of their dreams.

Kate is a professional member of the Australian Centre for Career Education and the Career Development Association Australia.

This is an incredible conversation with someone who loves to give a lot of herself in sharing the powerful principles of taking care of yourself and ensuring you can have your cake and eat it too!

Her definition of Self Love is putting myself first in order to care for others in any way I can that is not at the detriment of anyone around me. Putting yourself first without guilt in order to serve you and ultimately others.

Her favourite quote is:
‘Nothing changes if nothing changes.’

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What’s it actually going to take?
It’s easy to be in denial or feel defeated or blame other things.
Be aware of that inner critic, we all want to be our best.
It’s ok to not be completely right.
You can have your cake and eat it too.
I’m present and all in with whatever I am doing at the time.
It’s not nailing it all at once but being present.
I’ve had money blocks my whole life and now coming out the other side.
It comes back to self-worth and the worth of money in general.
Do what you love and watch the momentum fly.
Be in your authentic flow, don’t block it with self-sabotage.
It’s about not expecting it but earning it.
You have to delete the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary.
Remember to put one foot in front of the other.
What legacy do you want to leave and how do you want to be remembered?
Everyone has a choice.
One question around stories… where is the evidence?
Get curious and ask questions that are honest and up front.
You don’t know what you don’t know.
I’m a straight shooter and ripping the band aid off!
I am bold and my team are no fluff, we are up front.
Don’t say sorry around the people who love, adore and trust you.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
It is up to you, it is all up to you to change the world.
It comes down to a power of choice.


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