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‘Content is about connecting with your audience and showing them who you are as a brand. That’s the way that I normally look at content when I am making an assessment on if a piece of content is a strong piece of content. It’s firstly, does it represent your brand? So, is it encapsulating everything that your brand is about? And that’s not just brand colours, it’s the brand tone, it’s the messaging that you are trying to communicate, it’s the way that you are representing that message, and then is it going to appeal to and connect with your audience, and show them who you are and how you can help them, the value in who you are and a piece of content that sits between those two is normally a really powerful piece of content.’ ~ Bronte Cresswell

Bronte Cresswell is an experienced digital marketer and organic social media specialist. With ten years’ experience in the industry, she has worked with hundreds of business owners nationally and internationally. In 2018 she launched a digital marketing agency, which grew to be highly successful before she sold in 2022 to focus on training with her brand Dash Academy. She now trains national companies’, in-house marketers, and small business owners in their organic social media strategy. Through this, she has built a name as a powerful young businesswoman, being named the ‘2022 Sunshine Coast Young Businesswoman of the Year’, named in the 30 under 30 of the Sunshine Coast, is a regular guest lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and is a current active executive member of the Sunshine Coast Young Chamber of Commerce. Bronte shares many tips and ideas on the digital space for all businesses and expresses the importance of taking care of yourself and being super mindful of burnout.

Her definition of Self Love is self-awareness aligned with active intention. Knowing yourself and getting to know all aspects of self is powerful, getting to know yourself and what drives you. Things change over time and there will be transitions which is a big part of self love. Listen and know who you are with focused intention on what you need is so important. Speak to yourself and ask questions that dig deeper that bring out the truth of how you truly feel. It is through these times that you will get moments of insight and truth.

Her favourite quote is:
‘You are right where you are meant to be.’

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It really is all about your support network
I want to always show up as my best self
Be open and appreciate life shifts over time
It’s those who take full responsibility for their lives that have the most success
It’s about showing up for yourself in all ways
We will see a shift in the way we do work
It is ok for an industry to change
Shifts are always coming
Social media is 100% a business platform
I look at the best way for a brand to show up
Show yourself authentically and build trust with people
Create content that breaks through social noise will be more engaging
It can feel incredibly overwhelming to be a business owner
There are two options, take on an agency or let them train you to do it
Sometimes you just need to say no
Be really overwhelmingly excited for the future
You are right where you are meant to be

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