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‘Ester Hicks, my favourite personal development speaker – The Law Of Attraction – says that when we go through contrast we are asking. So, whenever something bad is happening to us, that’s just us refining what we want, it’s refining our preferences, it’s helping us work out what we do want, because when we know what we don’t want the opposite is generally true. And she says that if you can just open the door a little bit and see a little of what is on the other side that you will be blown away. So, I knew that I needed to separate for me to come into my own power and to find myself, and to start living my life, I couldn’t keep helping someone else. I needed to really find myself. And within 5 years I became one of the top real estate agents on the Coast.’ ~ Melissa Schembri

This is such a beautiful conversation about life, loss, love and leadership. Melissa Schembri is an incredible woman who has learned from many life’s occurrences including contrast, but instead of becoming victim to those circumstances she has risen high, taken the learnings and become a conscious trailblazer who is helping people to create a life of abundance.

Melissa’s track record is impressive. A highly driven professional, Melissa Schembri opened her own property law firm in Mooloolaba at age 25, where she gave advice to property owners for over $2.4 billion dollars’ worth of property transactions.

During this time, Melissa made the “Top 30, Under 30” for leadership and business development, winning Australian Institute of Management’s “Young Manager of the Year” Sunshine Coast 2008.

Melissa then decided it was time to help people on a more personal level and sold her successful law firm to pursue her passion of personal development, becoming a highly sought after life-coach and motivational speaker. During this time, Melissa delivered a TedX talk, coached an Australian Olympian to win Gold, authored a best-selling book and helped thousands of people to understand their incredible power to create the life they desire.

In 2018 Melissa combined her property and personal development skills to become a top selling Real Estate Agent on the Sunshine Coast. It wasn’t long before she was breaking records with the highest waterfront sale of $7.3 million (Mooloolaba/conjunction), the single duplex record $3.45 million (Mooloolaba) and then the highest residential Estate record of $20.5 million (Buderim).  To give back to the community, Melissa became a guest speaker and coach for a women’s property investment group, highlighting her incredible knowledge and wealth of experience to help others create financial freedom through property education.

This year, Melissa and her partner Daniel Rees, are launching their own property education business “HELLO FREEDOM” where they educate people on how to retire early through property investment.

With Daniels 25 years experience in finance, property and development, and melissa’s 25 years experience in property, law and personal development they are empowering others to take control of their wealth and create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Melissa’s 5 Secrets to a Happy Workplace include:
Contrasts create clarity
Let it go
Tell me a new story
Get happy

Her definition of Self Love is Universal love. The Universe loves me and adores me. I am safe. Not a blow was dealt other than from a place of insecurity. Start with loving your dog or your child remembering that a person cannot love you if you do not love yourself first, so be a person of love. Self love is not outside of us. We are God, God is us.

Her favourite quote is from Joseph Campbell:

‘Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were only walls.’

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The Universe always knows what we truly want
Helping people follow their bliss
Look for the good things in a person
When we go through contrast we are asking
It is amazing the abundance that comes your way when in your power
Give instruction without apology
Source is a life without contrast
The Universe loves our human experience
Our Universe is constantly expanding
If there is no shade there would only be light
Contrast makes us grow
Integration is part of the creative process
Hate the sin not the sinner
Do whatever you need to do to get happy
Flick on your wealth switch
Selfishly seek your joy because you are no good without it
Happiness is just a string of happy moments
We are here to enjoy the evolving journey
Get aligned and take inspired action
A rampage of appreciation
Happiness is a mindset
On the other side of contrast is growth
Our power is in the focus of now
Say what you do want not what you don’t want

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