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‘Lead with compassion and with values, strong values because people will align to that and that’s the thing that will help them to feel fulfilled, to have a sense of wellbeing, to fulfil their professional aspirations but also to sustain their personal health and wellness, which is critically important. If you want longevity of your team to bring them with you then they need to be fully sustained. To be personally and professionally sustained. And you do that through good strong direction, good supportive actions, clear guidelines… but led with values and respect.’ ~ Roz White

Roz White is an award-winning business leader with 30 years’ experience, a charity volunteer and leading advocate for various industry groups.   Roz is the co-owner of White’s IGA Group & White’s Commercial Property Group employing 500 people in the Sunshine Coast community. Yet she describes herself as a scratchy ol kid from the bush and now baggy ass Grocers!

Roz has held leadership positions including board chair and is a mentor and regular speaker at trade and industry events.    Roz is a current member the University of the Sunshine Coast Foundation Board and USC Business School External Academic Advisory Committee, current Chair of Sunshine Coast 2032, proud Ambassador of the Food & Agribusiness Network’s Meet the Maker trade event, an active member of various industry working groups, past board director of Montrose Therapy & Respite Services, past advisory member of the Queensland Community Foundation (Sunshine Coast), past Chair IGA State Board Queensland/Northern NSW, and Immediate Past President of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network,

Roz was recognised as the SCBWN Outstanding Business-Woman of the Year in 2015 and named Owner/Entrepreneur Leader of the Year in 2016 by the Australian Institute of Management.  Roz was inducted in the IGA Hall of Fame in 2017 as the first independent female, a prestigious honour and significant milestone for women in the supermarket industry.  Roz was also a Telstra Business Woman of the Year finalist in 2019 and has been awarded multiple national and state industry retail excellence & community awards over the past 20 years, most recently 2021 IGA National Store of the Year and National Customer Service Award, 2021 Qld & Northern NSW Lions Medical Research Foundation Community Service Award and 2021 & 2022 Sunshine Coast Large Retail Business Award.

Her definition of Self Love is about feeling fulfilled which is when I am at home with my family around me, mostly feeding them! It is about self-discovery, continuous learning about one-self and continuous self-development and to adapt to your environment, and understanding it is really important to learn and grow as a person.

Her favourite quote is from:

Resist the usual. Step outside and be yourself. Embrace your own innovation and and thought and who you are, the essence of you.

‘And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved, but in her love and in her courage and her audacity to believe no matter the darkness around her, light ran wild within her, and that was the way she came alive, and it showed up in everything.’

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I’m just a scratchy ol kid from the bush and now a baggy assed Grocer!
It’s not about the beans it’s about the people and the community
The Sunshine Coast community is all embracing and very grounded
If you don’t have people or community nothing happens
Life takes character, determination, resilience and tenacity
You just get up and keep going
Don’t dwell on the challenge, get up, dust off and find a solution
A sudden death is like getting a baseball bat and hitting you over the head
Switching off emotionally is not a good tactic
Grief changes you, it is a journey of self-discovery
Motherhood changed me for the better
Leadership is about being very clear and leading with compassion and strong values
Treat people with respect
Uncertainty creates vulnerability and fragility
There are many challenges that arrive every single day
When challenges arise you just go into solution mode
Don’t be afraid of whatever life throws at us
It is what it is
In our marriage we respect each other’s differences, individuality, character
You have to learn to laugh at times
Money is a useful commodity and gives you the ability to do things and help others
If you’re profitable you have something to give
Resist the usual

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