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RFR 82: Fat adaptation and breaking the U.S. 100-mile record with Zach Bitter

Episode 82
21, Jul, 2016
}75 Minutes

Show Notes

In Episode 82 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by ultra runner Zach Bitter. In 2015, Zach broke the U.S. 100-mile record, running a very tidy 11:40:55. That’s the equivalent of nearly four straight 3:03 marathons AND it was 402 laps on a 400m track! Today on the show Zach and I discuss his running history, how fat adaptation has changed his trajectory as a runner, and how the FASTER study is changing the game.

Show Notes:

Zach Bitter

RFR 35: Dissecting the FASTER study with Peter Defty from VESPA Power

RFR 54: What’s next in the world of fat adaptation following the publication of FASTER in Metabolism Journal

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