Show Notes

In Episode 11 of The Real Food Reel we are joined by Nat Kringoudis, Hormone Revolutionist, Author, Speaker, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncturist.

Nat is making waves in the world of women’s health and today we discuss all things hormones, fertility and health. I specifically invited Nat on the show as I wrote an article recently on the Oral Contraceptive Pill, OCP, which created quite the storm (to say the least) and identified to me how far we still have to go in educating women and helping them make an informed choice. This episode is a must for everyone – men, you need to know this too, so press play and tune in to the reel now.

Show Notes:
Nat’s website:
Are you (or your loved one) still taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill? Please read this: