Show Notes

In Episode 8 of The Real Food Reel we speak with Katee Pedicini from Holistic Endurance. Katee has a Bachelor of Exercise Science with a Major in Sports Psychology and is a Triathlon Australia Level 1 Triathlon Coach.

I’m really excited to introduce you to Katee as we work closely together with our athletes and share a really similar philosophy, which you’ll learn more about today.

Katee and I dive in deep to real food for performance, efficient training and periodisation and how women should be structuring their training around their menstrual cycle. We recognise the importance of recovery, and this applies to all athletes – if you don’t have a structured recovery week every four or five weeks you are asking for trouble!

To find out more about Holistic Endurance and our philosophies of training and racing, hit play and enjoy the show.




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