Show Notes

In Episode 4 of The Real Food Reel we introduce to you Bevan McKinnon, Director of Fitter, a Triathlon Coaching and Exercise Services in New Zealand.

Bevan is an experienced triathlete, having raced at a professional level for many years and now at age 44, competes as a top-level age grouper. In 2014 he won the overall age group race at New Zealand Ironman coming home in a time of 9hrs and 55 seconds.

Bevan has worked alongside Grant Schofield, one of our Real Food Reel experts, on low carb high fat (LCHF) and metabolic efficiency specific to endurance training and performance. We discuss with Bevan his transition to a real food approach and the performance benefits of LCHF. Bevan shares with us his “train low, race high” strategies and his number one piece of nutrition advice for endurance athletes. Don’t miss out – tune in to The Real Food Reel now.