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Episode 11
06, Oct, 2017
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Show Notes

Holy wowsers!  In this mega juicy and bursting with totally useful information episode, I get to interview my fave podcast host, the fabulous Elle Russ.  Elle is a bestselling author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution, a Life/Health Coach, host of the Primal Blueprint podcast and is a course development consultant and Advisory Board Member for the Primal Health Coach Program (of which I am a graduate!!)

Elle was sooo generous with her time and this show is a must listen if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Weight gain or inability to shift those kilos/pounds
  • Lacking in energy even if you have had an early night
  • Brain fog, feeling flat or lack of motivation
  • Feeling cold all the time, especially hands and feet even when it’s not that cold
  • Menstrual problems, low sex drive, fertility issues, miscarriage

So that’s all of you right?  Elle says that there are an estimated 60% of us with undiagnosed thyroid issues.


Elle has a personal story to share and a Paleo Primal Solution that does not include suffering, willpower or feeling totally confused!  It definitely doesn’t involve eating less and moving more – thank goodness for that!

Tune in to find out what Elle Russ eats for breakfast, why Elle thinks I am a ‘complete mess’ and find out what Mark Sisson is really like!

To find out more about the fantabulous Elle Russ head to you can buy her book on Amazon.

Here are those test that Elle recommends as a good starting point to check your thyroid:


Also, good to check for Hashimotos antibodies: TPOAb, TgAb

Other thyroid related tests:

Vitamin D, 25- hydroxy, Homocysteine, B12, Ferritin, DHEA – sulphite, Morning cortisol or twenty-four-hour saliva cortisol test, sex hormones free testosterone, progesterone and estradiol.

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