Show Notes

When we embark on our health journey it can be quite confronting not to mention overwhelming to realise that the seemingly innocent foods, personal hygiene & cleaning products in our homes can actually be creating an unhealthy toxic load on our bodies.

Alexx Stuart of Low Tox Life tells us about her light bulb moment that occurred in a super market one day and how this dawn of realisation literally ‘hurt her brain’.

Luckily for us, Alexx is a self-confessed nerd, geek and researcher and has done all the hard work for us and put it together in a doable and sustainable way – phew!

In this episode Alexx says it’s OK to feel overwhelmed and duped and explains some simple tips for getting started including JUST ONE THING to get started with and it’s getting rid of products containing phthalates. If you have weight, adrenal, thyroid or other hormonal issues then going Low Tox might be the missing piece in your health picture. And don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you need to re mortgage your house or never go out again!

In this jam packed awesome episode we cover heaps of ‘need to know’ info including information about fertility, cosmetics, scented candles, mould, food, personal hygiene, cleaning and of course we get to find out with Alexx had for breakfast and her stance on alcohol, wine and chocolate.

Be as cool as my Mam and try Alexx’s Go Low Tox Course for yourself, next one starts in February. For sign up and information about Alexx ’s Real Food Rockstar & Pre Conception Ninja Courses head to

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