Show Notes

Today I am thrilled to be joined by food blogger, ex Restaurateur, co-author of the Life Changing Foods Cookbook and all-around funny and cool dude Fouad Kassab!

I met Fouad and Jo earlier in the year at a Cooking Class in Perth, if you get to go see these guys in action – do it.  Jo & Fouad walks their talk and are passionate and sincerely care about their tribe.

An example of how gracious Fouad is: we originally did this interview last week and due to a technical glitch – I didn’t record it!!  So, here we are for take two!!  A totally different chat than the last one, but just as unmissable!

In this interview, Fouad shares his story of his youth in war-torn Lebanon where the middle east meets the Mediterranean when it comes to food – sensational!  Fouad tells us how international aid brought industrial seed oils and refined foods such as spam (yuck) into his diet and how he developed obesity, chronic ear infections, acne and eczema as a result.

Fouad’s message turns away from scarcity, self-hate, immediate change, egoic identity and sickness to abundance, self-love and how a return to health is a daily practice and why it is OK to be ‘work in progress’.  Phew, what a relief!

Fouad shares his tips for foodie entrepreneurial success and tells us how he got to work with the fabulous Jo Whitton and how they bonded over their shared hatred of margarine!

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