Show Notes

On today’s show, I interview Jeremy Princi – The Holistic Lifestyler! Jeremy is mates with Pete Evans and was a guest writer for the paleo way program – and used to date Helen Padarin! In this juicy episode, we dive deep into gut health, food, movement, lifestyle, and mindset. We explore fibre and why that’s good and why it might not be a good idea to start off with a poo transplant! I love Jeremy’s doable and sustainable approach to health and I know you are going to love the three (more like fifty!) top takeaways he leaves you, my valued listener with.

Jeremy is a registered Chiropractor with post-graduate training in Sports Chiropractic and International Sports. Jeremy has worked alongside professional athletes both nationally and internationally including the Major League Baseball in America and The West Australian Cricket Association locally. Inspired by Paul Chek’s teachings Jeremy has studied the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program and completed his level 2 with Paul. Jeremy started his own branding “Holistic Lifestyler” manages a chiropractic clinic as well as consulting with clients nationally via correspondence primarily focusing on restoring the gut microbiota. Jeremy teaches fermenting workshops nationally, has his own line of certified organic & fair wear clothing and is in the process of writing a book on Fermented Foods & Gut health and is about to release his own food based product line which is geared toward gut health. Jeremy has worked as a consultant for many companies including a probiotic cleaning company as the media spokesperson as well as a content writer and guest presenter for Pete Evans Paleo Way Program. Jeremy is involved in speaking engagements on the topic of Gut health, Microbiome & Fermented Foods.

Jeremy’s vision is to re-connect food, farming, fitness & healing into one Holistic model of health that supports, honours & respects Mother Earth.

You can find Jeremy here:

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