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ITCM 101: Why we need breaks

Episode 101
28, Jul, 2016
}36 Minutes

Show Notes

In this special Inside the Champion’s Mind episode, we say goodbye to Marcus Pearce as the co-host of the ITCM and to introduce to you our special new co-host to the Inside the Champion’s Mind podcast.


In the next episode, we’ll be talking about why it is so important to take daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly breaks away from your normal day-to-day lives. We’ll also discuss why not taking breaks can be detrimental, not only on your life and relationships, but can have a profound ripple effect to your productivity. Join Laurence and his new special co-host as they embark a new chapter on the Inside The Champion’s Mind podcast.

Stay tuned until the end of this podcast where Laurence announces a special retreat to develop your Champion’s mind and register your interest at

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