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Her voice is heard on over a billion devices globally and known to many as ‘the GPS girl’ and the original voice of Siri. But what you may not know about Karen Jacobsen is that she is one incredibly talented women who has music in every inch of her mind, body and soul.

At the age of seven in small-town Australia, Karen Jacobsen saw Olivia Newton-John on television and knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to become a professional singer and move to America.

Following her dream, Karen moved to New York City with one suitcase and
became an award-winning Singer and Songwriter.

Unexpectedly, it was her speaking voice that has brought a unique pop culture

Karen Jacobsen is heard in over a billion GPS and smartphone devices around the world.

Today Karen Jacobsen is also an Author of two books; The GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future, and Recalculate – Directions for Driving Performance Success.

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Directions for Recalculating 

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