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It took 2 years before Julie made the decision to burn her full-time employment bridges to play full out with Flora & Fauna. Until then, she had been working on her business at night.

Only 3 short years after that decision, Flora & Fauna became known as the largest vegan, eco-friendly store in the world. Julie found herself gracing the stages of accepting awards for Telstra Small Business in NSW, Best online retailer 2018 ORIAs as well as Top 50 People in Australia for eCommerce.

How did it all start?

Julie Mathers found herself looking at the ingredients of a lipstick which then started the query “… what is actually in this product?” “Has it been tested on animals?”

The more she questioned the more she realized that there was a massive hole in the marketplace, for needing more integrity and transparency of products in skincare and beauty.

What started as an online store 2014 with 300 products in beauty, has now rapidly grown to 8000+ products, anything from houseware goods, to food to fashion.

This down to earth “Mother Teresa of retail”, that’s what I coined her on the show, is one the first Australian businesses to be certified with BCorp (known for better business). Julie shares the grueling audit that her business went through to get the tick of approval and badge of honor….please understand that only 200 businesses today in Australia actually have it! WOW! Right?

You can find out more of Flora & Fauna here

Enjoy this interesting interview about amazing organic growth (Pardon the pun)


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