Show Notes

It’s not a surprise that Lisa Curry continually launches health products and programs after a lengthy career as a famous athlete.

The triple Olympian athlete and motivation speaker shares how doing business is very similar to being an elite athlete “A lot of it is about communication; How I’d motivate someone when I train them for the world championships is exactly the same type of communication I use for my team”.

Lisa shares her business successes and how business is about testing.

Openly sharing she had a few failed attempts along the way “but it’s also about looking at the lessons when something doesn’t go to plan; there’s lessons in everything”.

With her most recent company launch ‘Happy Healthy You’ delivers life changing supplements that make a real change in women’s lives.

Lisa talks personally about those “middle of the night toilet trips” (some of you know what she means…I certainly did!) and how her product Happy Bladder cleans up your bladder function so it puts an end to that!

Plus the significant shift in your mood when using her best selling product Happy Hormones.

Happy Hormones has helped over 300,000 women reduce their stress by simple drinking this magic natural potion “I feel so clam when I take it, it’s like nothing can rattle me”.

Full disclosure I ordered both products the moment we hung up!

You’ll also learn on #herpreneurradio how Lisa Curry, a full blown business women has been working on one business idea for 10 yrs….that’s about to launch! It’s a health retreat escape at her beautiful 6 acres property; you can follow her on instant to be the first to know when it’s ready to open the doors.

Enjoy this iconic women!

Mentions on the show:

Happy Health You website

Happy Hormones 

Happy Bladder 

Hormone assessment

FREE 8-Week Program to help balance your hormones naturally.

Lisa’s Instagram

Lisa Curry AO
Triple Olympian Motivational Speaker

Lisa Curry AO is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most popular personalities, with a unique and powerful message about personal success, overcoming obstacles, discipline, determination, weight loss, regaining your health, and getting the best out of people.

She has achieved and learnt so much from being a triple Olympian, Keynote Motivational speaker, Best selling author of Six Health and Fitness books, Personal Trainer, Coach, Board member, TV and Radio presenter, Product ambassador, defibrillator recipient and mum. With Five Online Weight Loss and Fitness Programs and her new Hormonal imbalance educational website. Lisa continues to work and speak to help motivate, inspire and educate people to help them realise their full potential..

Sporting History

Best known for her long and successful swimming career; she has competed in three Olympic Games, two World Championships and three Commonwealth Games and her competitive swimming career spanned an awe-inspiring 23 years and saw her ranked in the top 25 swimmers in the world every year she competed. She held Australian and Commonwealth records in every stroke [except backstroke] from 50 – 400 mts, a feat no other Australian swimmer has ever achieved. She was also the first swimmer to represent Australia at Commonwealth and Olympic games as a mother. At the age of 30 with 2 small children, Lisa swam the fastest ever at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and rates this as the highlight of her career.

Lisa returned to elite sport after swimming coaching and competing with her outrigger team, the Riggeroos, to win four World Championships in the 72 km Outrigger Canoe race in Hawaii becoming the first Australian team to do so in the history of the race. She also was the first Australian ever to win the Hawaiian Molokai to Oahu 66 km solo outrigger race.

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