Show Notes

More women are creating businesses today than men.

Many of these women have stepped out of corporate or are stepping back into work after raising a family.

Either way, there’s one rule you’ll need to know about starting a business… will it be profitable?

Ingrid Thompson says it best in her interview today “If nobody is buying from you, then you have got yourself a hobby”.

In this interview, we speak to Ingrid who is the founder of Healthy numbers and the author of the published book ‘So you want to start a business’.

You can easily hear Ingrid’s 20 years of business consulting advice on things you must have established, also things to think about before launching your business… she even shares solid advice for the seasoned business owner.

Key takeaways in today’s interview:

  • The most common mistakes made in a start-up business
  • The most important consideration when starting a business?
  • The key characteristics for someone building and running their own business?
  • The difference between ’Real Metrics and ‘False (vanity) Metrics’

This is a great conversation about business growth. It really helps you put on the ‘right hat’ when starting your business. Ingrid really helps you step into grooming your business acumen from the get-go so.

Ingrid shares exactly why to set it up correctly and ensuring it will take off smoothly and gracefully …and last the distance.

Mentions on the show:

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Who is Ingrid Thompson and what is her business?

Ingrid is the Founder of Healthy Numbers, a training and education company that helps people start, run, and build their own business. There is a strong focus on business and financial acumen.

Ingrid Thompson is a Business Consultant and Mentor with almost 20 years of experience working with small businesses across Australia and the US.

While Ingrid works across a broad range of small business sectors she has a particular passion for people in the health, allied health, and the well-being sector. Health professionals who are extremely good at what they do, yet rarely have the opportunity for business acumen training and education.

Ingrid superpower is taking the complex and making it simple and easy to understand for everyone.

She is the author of the book “So you want to start a business; The Seven Step guide to create, start and grow your own business.”  which is published by New York publishing house Morgan James.

Ingrid is the host of the popular and successful podcast with the same name “So you want to start a business” which has been running for 4 years and has more than 120 episodes.

She is recognized as one of Australia’s foremost authorities when it comes to small business and especially small business start-ups. She’s devoted to helping people understand how to set solid foundations for their business.

Ingrid loves good food and good conversation. She lives in Sydney with her partner and their 4 cats.

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