Show Notes

Ready to up-level to your next stage of greatness?

Today I kick off the show with something different…a  motivational piece to help get you fired up and ready for change.

I then walk you through an easy to use framework to help you prime and build your dream life of excellence.

In this episode, you’ll be inspired to take action from answering questions that I ask you. These questions help audit 4 specific areas in your life. By improving these 4 areas alone will undoubtedly unleash that next level of happiness you’ve been searching for.

Now just a heads up… today’s interview you may want to actually sit down and  ‘write’. Why? As we can all listen to podcasts on the run but without taking ‘action’ it is just inspiration and I know you want more in life…you want results! I’m right… yes?

So we are kicking off season 3 with exactly that, helping you assess where you are currently in life (professionally and personally) and empowering you to take action. Taking the right action that actually moves you forward so you feel a noticeable difference. Here are the four areas you’ll be auditing today:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Joy
  • Also…(round of applause please) today I’m super excited to announce the show is now a part of the Wellness Coach. Which is a podcasting network and home to over 2,000 health and wellness podcast episodes from a team of 30+ podcasters!

    Why I chose to be a part of their mission… simply my biggest passion is keeping you fit and healthy on your entrepreneurial journey. Without our bodies being healthy then our business will not thrive. Make sure you take a moment to check out their awesome network lineup.

    Finally…last thing I want to share is what’s coming up for Season 3!!! Hang on to your hats…

    1) I have an incredible line up of women we are interviewing to share with you their incredible entrepreneurial journey as well missing it up with interviews with experts on health & wellness and I’ll be doing some solo educational training too.

    2) We are now moving to weekly shows!! We drop an episode every Wednesday! Plus wait for it…

    3) PLUS I’ll be doing Q&A Monday! YES that means if you have a question on business, I’ll be answering it on the show on Monday’s. I’ve made it super easy for you, all you need to do is just send your questions to either my facebook messenger or to my team at and I’ll be answering it  on the Q&A Monday show.That’s it for now. Enjoy today’s episode. I hope you love the motivational piece at the start to get you fired up for lasting change and unleveling.

    Success & happiness,
    Annette xx

    P.S; If you love today’s show leave me a comment, as I’d love to know how it made you feel 🙂