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100NO 440: Turning MND into LeMoNaDe with Bianca Adkins

Episode 440
30, Aug, 2021
}28 Minutes

Show Notes

In 2020, on February 29, the lives of Matty and Bianca Adkins and their two children Frankie and Banjo would change forever. At age 39, Matty Adkins was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. 

Life’s plans and big dreams were instantly altered … but not in the way you might think. Whilst much of society paints a story of misery for those with MND, Bianca Adkins and her family are unapologetically happier than they’ve ever been. 

How – you might ask? And Why? Well, in the words of the Adkins family – when life gives you lemons, you better start making lemonade. And it’s a message this incredible team – now known as the Lemonade Crew – are sharing with us all. 

To support the Lemonade Crew, buy some awesome merch over at https://lemonadecrew.com/ and support them on Instagram and Facebook.

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