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100NO 367: Perspective with Holocaust Survivor Gilah Leder AM

Episode 367
06, Apr, 2020
}48 Minutes

Show Notes

When Gilah Leder was a toddler of just 16 months, her parents Aaron and Fourkeline (Lisa) Vanderhoek made the decision to put their young daughter into hiding in a bid to save her from the carnage we’ve come to know as the Holocaust.

Gilah was sent to Laren in northern Holland to a Christian family – the Zwannikens – who already had seven children!

Gilah’s parents returned more than two years later to pick up Gilah.

Whilst many in the world today are panicking about the coronavirus, Gilah joins us at an opportune time to provide some much need perspective.

Today, Gilah Leder AM is an adjunct professor at Monash University. Widely acclaimed as an incredible academic, her research interests are in mathematics education, gender, affect, and exceptionality.

Gilah also contributes heavily with Courage to Care, an organisation dedicated to informing and educating Australians of the dangers of prejudice, racism, and discrimation

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