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100NO 341: The Foodie Blue Zone of Sardinia

Episode 341
14, Oct, 2019
}23 Minutes

Show Notes

There are five Blue Zones as designated by National Geographic and the Blue Zones team. Asia is represented with Okinawa, Japan; America has Loma Linda, California (predominately a seventh-day Adventist vegetarian community) and South America has the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica (where corn is their staple).

Europe is fortunate to have two Blue Zones – the Greek island of Ikaria and the Italian island of Sardinia. Don’t assume that they are at all alike though. Ikaria is a small island of only 7500 inhabitants. Sardinia has a population of 1.6 million, with only 13 small villages representing the Blue Zone.

On Ikaria, where we have run our Longevity Experience since 2016, there is a delicious focus on the Greek version of the Mediterranean Diet. In Sardinia, the wine, olive oil and bread continue to be a staple, but it’s the pasta, vegetables, fruits and meats that separates the two.

In 2021, we will be returning to Ikaria, and are excited to announce that we’ll also be running our 10 Day Longevity Experience in Sardinia. Sardinia will take place Wednesday August 19 to Friday August 28. Ikaria will run from Sunday August 30 to Tuesday September 8.

Listen in to this podcast for all the information. For Sardinia applications, please email [email protected]

For Ikaria applications, please go to www.100notout.com

Image courtesy of Tasting Sardinia

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