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100NO 307: How To Slow Down But Improve Productivity As You Get Older

Episode 307
18, Feb, 2019
}26 Minutes

Show Notes

There’s a social expectation – be it amongst business, parents or community – to be busy. Whether that’s frantic, rushed or overcommitted, all are seen as almost noble and worthy of praise and perceived as oozing productivity.

On this episode of 100 Not Out we discuss whether the natural slowing down that ageing creates means that we are not able to produce at the same level. We discuss how priorities shift over time, how working 80 hours per week seems less attractive with age, even if those days were enjoyed (either as a parent, entrepreneur or overworking employee), and how to embrace the changing pace of life without losing the productive edge.

Quality beats quantity, particularly as you get older. We hope you enjoy this podcast and that it sheds a new light on productivity.


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Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash

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