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100NO 192: Blue Zones to Green Zones with Carina Aaltonen

Episode 192
05, Dec, 2016
}25 Minutes

Show Notes

During our time in Ikaria we were fortunate to meet Carina Aaltonen. Carina has been a Member of Parliament in Aaland (near Finland) since 2003 and is on a mission to create one of the healthiest and fulfilled communities in the world.

Carina travelled to Ikaria to observe just how they had not only created their lifestyle, but owned in so strongly despite the pace of the world increasing, technology taking over manual labour, and communication and relationship changes from generation to generation.

We picked Carina’s brain on a number of topics, including –

Tell us about the Aaland Islands – population, lifestyle, and so on. 

What inspired you to travel to Ikaria?

What education do you have to provide the public with in order for them to get involved?

What impact do you envisage this process having on the rest of Finland and the EU?

What are the MOST important parts of society to get RIGHT in order to be a Blue Zone?

How long is the vision? Do you see this is a 10-20-50 year project?

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