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100NO 183: The Number One “Secret” To Living The 100 Not Out Lifestyle

Episode 183
03, Oct, 2016
}33 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode of 100 Not Out, we discuss the biggest “Secret” that most of humanity still refuses to acknowledge when it comes to living a great, long life. And that secret is, wait for it … drum roll please … yes pat your fingers on your thighs …. accountability! If we had some SERIOUS consequences for NOT doing something, we would do it – every time!

The key for you and I is to work out exactly WHAT type of accountability works. It’s different for each individual. Some people will do something if they are paid to do it (or if they will lose money for NOT doing it). Most of the time, we will do something because the PAIN of NOT doing it is too great (normally time or money).

The reason why we are running the 100 Not Out Lifestyle 2-day weekend experience is to provide the accountability IN PERSON to help you design your lifestyle the way YOU want it. Listening to us on a podcast each week is one thing. Doing the work with us helping you for two full days ramps it up a notch or 50.

Topics covered include – how to actually (yes, truly) create YOUR ideal lifestyle (and not what social media tell you to create) … how to be productive YOUR way (and again, not someone else’s) … how to banish the constant connection to TIME and truly live in the present moment (most of the time) … how to massively improve your intimate, family and social relationships … how to wipe over $10,000 per year off your grocery bill (As Damian has), and so much more.

All the details, including limited 2 for 1 tickets are available at www.100not.com or by clicking here

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