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Many years ago, Greg McKeown introduced us to the humble brag, but has the humble brag (we spoke about this on episodes 68 and 378) now found itself an older cousin called Urgency Culture?

Do you find yourself unable to say NO just in case a better offer pops up and then find yourself over-committed and overwhelmed?

Do you preface your answers to “How are you?” with ‘I’m busy!”.

Do you drop what you are doing every time a message or a call comes through?

Do you find yourself checking your phone and social media at every opportunity, just in case you miss out on something happening in the world around you?

A sense of urgency can look very different from one person to another, but following on from a recent National Geographic article about responding immediately to texts, is it time to pause and find ways to counteract this urgency culture?

In an increasingly connected world, urgency culture blurs the line between what is urgent and what is important. The Eisenhower Matrix is a great starting point as to how you can decipher between what is urgent and what is important.

In this discussion, Damo and Marcus share some suggestions as to how you can find the time in your life to slow down and help move yourself towards a parasympathetic state of mind, rest, digest and repair.


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