Show Notes

Now more than ever, there is a litany of conflicting views when it comes to health, in particular what to put on your plate.

Will that skinless chicken breast I ate for lunch give me diabetes? Will I become an addict if I eat animal protein? Can I ever eat meat again if I identify as a vegan?

With so many ‘experts’ at our fingertips, are they influencing us? Scaring us? Or dampening our ability to think critically for ourselves?

Settle in for the ride as Damian and Marcus discuss a recent podcast they listened to where an ‘expert’ made these outrageous comments. What is the damage that such clickbait has on people when it comes to deciding what best to add to their plate?

As the pendulum on what to eat continues to swing from veganism to carnivore, does the truth on what best to eat lay somewhere in the middle?

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