Show Notes

Is Damo sensitive now that he has turned the big 5-0 or is he actually experiencing ageism?

With a 5 in front of his age AND a golf handicap of about 5, is he really too old for a golf tournament or is that blatant ageism?

In this week’s episode we question if ageism is actually a cancer on society or are we overly sensitive?

We know that people are living longer but dying slower. Is agesim and the limiting beliefs around ageing contributing to signing up for the slowest of deaths? Is an increasing number of candles on a birthday cake each year disempowering people when it comes to how they live their everyday life?

Age is not the problem. Ageism is. As David Bowie once said “ageing is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been”.

In this episode we discussed Damo’s Crack Your Stress Code. You can listen to the Series on  episode 485 and episode 486.

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Photo by Malin K. on Unsplash