Show Notes

Today we shoot over to the Japanese Blue Zone of Okinawa where we find Christal Burnette.

Christal is a distinguished specialist in the field of Okinawan health and plant-based nutrition. 

If you’re –

  • Interested in Blue Zones
  • Interested in the bizarre plant-exclusive diet that seems to be promoted yet NOT consumed by centenarians
  • Wondering what sets Okinawa apart from other Blue Zones
  • Wondering what their “secrets” to ageing gracefully are

Then we think you’ll love this episode.

Working with the Okinawa Research Centre for Longevity Science, Christal received her master’s degree from the University of Ryukyus in 2018 and has since been dedicated to promoting the Okinawan diet and lifestyle. To this end, she founded the Haitai Corporation, which specializes in developing and distributing Okinawan health products both domestically and internationally.
Fluent in Japanese, Christal conducts interviews with Okinawan residents and research into the Okinawan diet and lifestyle. Her extensive knowledge and expertise have earned her recognition on various platforms, including a feature on the BBC. In addition, she regularly presents her findings on Okinawan longevity and lifestyle to diverse audiences through her popular YouTube channel, Haitai Longevity.

Christal’s ongoing commitment to promoting the Okinawan diet and lifestyle is geared towards raising awareness of healthy aging and living based on Okinawan principles.