Show Notes

Part 3 of Live to 100 – Secrets of the Blue Zones is the one we have the biggest soft spot for.

Not only does the series visit the village of where we stay during our Longevity Experience, but it features the people we spend time with each year and have come to know and love.

So, putting to one side our bias due to our relationships, we discuss how Ikarians love herbal tea, wine, family, their gardens, and even being somewhat alternate.

From painters who developed terminal cancer in their 60s and went on to live past 100, to nonagenarians who continue to live with a vibrancy that many of us have lost, this episode will reinvigorate your thirst for living.

If you’re someone who wants to LIVE like an Ikarian with us for 10 days, then check out our 2024 Longevity Experience to the Greek island where people forget to die. And if you want even more, look at our trip to Sardinia as well. All the details at