Show Notes

At 81 years of age, Peter Smith is Australia’s oldest Aerospace Strategist … but that is not the main reason why we are chatting to Peter today.

You’re about to listen to a human being that has more pep and vigour for life than most people half or even a quarter of his age do.

His secrets – or his superpowers – you could say, are his commitment to movement, to work that he loves to do, his pleasing personality, and insatiable curiosity – not to mention also his love of wine.

Peter has known pain and grief – he is a widower after the death of his wife Marilyn in 2021 – and he has also known physical pain – having completed an insane 600 + triathlons!

We chat to Peter about work, exercise, food, wine and love – and if you’re anything like us Peter Smith will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear.

You’ll find Peter in Adelaide at the Australian Masters Games competing in the triathlon. All the details on joining Peter or enrolling in another sport can be found at

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