Show Notes

What’s going to be big in the longevity and wellness space in 2023? What do you need to look out for in relation to diet, supplements, movement and other trends?

We do ths episode every year and it’s one of our favourites to look back on! We think we get it pretty close to the mark every time … this year –

We discuss the maturity of the vegan diet …

How the public is wisening up to biohacking

How megadosing is becoming uncool

How movement trends will be more in line with our ageing population – think strength and lengthen programs.

And so much more!

Here’s wishing you an incredible 2023, and if you’d like to schedule a major highlight in your year ahead, be sure to check out our Greek Island Longevity Experience to Ikaria. We’re there from June 12-21. All the details at

Photo by Adnan Mistry on Unsplash