Show Notes

The country this week is equally mourning the loss of and celebrating the list of Australia’s oldest man, Dexter Kruger. We were fortunate to interview Dexter twice on 100 Not Out. The first time was in 2013 on episode 17 and the second came on episode 252 alongside his friend and writing aid, Janet Rowlings.

Dexter broke a number of guidelines or “rules” on his way to 111 years young. He is renowned for his rule-breaking diet, but what is spoken of less is how well he navigated a strong social life. On episode 17 he shared his social rituals, which as simple as they seem, we can all take a lot from. In the midst of what is currently a socially tense time in our communities, we not only pay homage to Dexter Kruger’s long and celebrated life, but the legacy he leaves not only in his books, but in his ability to connect with humanity.

Vale Dexter Kruger 1910 – 2021