Show Notes

This episode is a mind-bender!

We are joined today by Ivo Pirisi – our host during the 100 Not Out Sardinian Longevity Experience.

Dr Ivo Pirisi holds a PHD in biology and a specialisation in nutrition.

He worked as a researcher at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia – Italy) where he studied the metabolism of fats.

Dr Ivo spent his childhood and youth in a very small village of inner Sardinia, where the community relationships and bonds are still very strong and important.

Today Dr Ivo works with local communities, artisans, farmers, shepherds, and winegrowers, to develop programs on Sardinian Longevity and the Blue Zones.

It goes without saying we are so excited to go to Sardinia in August and spend 10 days with Ivo and the locals … and right now we have the great pleasure of speaking with Ivo – the founder of Tasting Sardinia – who joins us from Cagliari in Sardinia.

Ivo shares with us how every little village is different in Sardinia, and how the local diet is NOT a Mediterranean diet! We discuss genes, socialising and so much more on this enthralling episode.

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