Show Notes

On our final night in Ikaria, we are joined by Thea Parikos. Thea has been featured on the podcast many times before and is the magic that allows us to form strong bonds in the village of Nas, get involved in the island and create a true Longevity Experience.

As one of our attendees, Shelby, this year exclaimed, we are travellers to the island, not tourists. We’re not walking around waving a big red umbrella. Instead, we’re helping the locals prepare 400kg of goat, 160kg of chips for the panygiri (local festival).

We help Thea’s husband, Ilias, work the land, harvesting eggplant, zucchini, chilli and more.

Yes, we have some beach days and buy some touristy souvenirs, but the majority of our time is spent living in the village of Nas.

In our final big chat with Thea, we discuss how the Ikarians have mastered time instead of being a slave to it. How they keep routine without going crazy or feeling guilty, and a whole lot more.

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