Show Notes

Damo’s lost his voice. It’s the third time in four years. Is there’s a deeper meaning behind all of this, or is the Melbourne winter causing Damo’s laryngitis to act as a protective defense mechanism?

With The Wellness Summit just behind us – did Damo’s voice return in time? If not, why not? And are we at risk of over-analysing something which may not be necessary?

The body’s symptoms can often be attributed to something going on in our lives. Tight and sore necks are often related to stress, as is shoulder pain. Low back pain is often an effect of some form of mental or emotional stress.

But at the same time, wellness enthusiasts can be quick to over dramatise their symptoms.

A fascinating chat on this episode of 100 Not Out.

On a practical note –

Damo’s regime for his laryngitis –

  1. 5 Mushroom extract
  2. Herbs containing licorice, slippery elm, Andrographis and astragalus
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Probiotics
  5. Manuka honey and lemon drink

Clearly the above is not a health recommendation.