Show Notes

Do you remember the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow?

In this episode we reflect on how some of our guests have experienced great joy, love and success only after going through harrowing experiences.

We use World War Two survivors Eddie Jaku  and Ada Murkies as examples, who both fell in love with their life partners during or after the war. Would they have met their soulmates if it were not for the war? And then what of their children? Would they have been born?

Marcus and Damian both share personal examples. Marcus wonders if he would have been born if his grandfather’s first wife didn’t die shortly after giving birth to their tenth child. And Damian reflects on how he met his wife, Amber, and the synchronous and sliding doors moments that brought the two of them together.

An insightful, deep and meaningful episode of 100 Not Out.


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