Show Notes

Another New Year, another set of predictions from Damian Kristof. Rarely does he get his predictions wrong (he did get one wrong a couple of years ago, which he shares in this episode).

After a big year in 2018, what is the future of the vegan diet? What are the buzz terms will be looking out for and adding to our health vernacular in 2019, and what ingredients will be add and withdraw from our kitchen stable?

If there’s anyone qualified to make considered predictions on the future of health and wellness, it’s Damo. With over 20 years clinical experience as a naturopath, chiropractor and nutritionist, plus the added experience of over 10 years as a food manufacturer, Damo has a broad understanding of all elements that make things popular and on the nose.


In September this year Marcus & Damian will be picking grapes, making wine, picking olives and making olive oil, swimming in the Aegean Sea, hiking, picking wild peppermint and making essential oil, farming and eating a “paddock to plate” lunch and so much more. These activities will be done with a group of like-minded people for 10 days on the 100 Not Out Longevity Experience on the Greek Island of Ikaria.

To apply to join this group, and for all information, go to

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash