Show Notes

This time of year is rife with people setting goals and new years resolutions, quickly failing and then moving back in to the same old same old life of comfort and mediocrity.

What if, instead of just trying to set a goal, we asked ourselves some deep and meaningful questions and actually honestly answered them?

What if then we set “goals” (such a boring word) around those answers rather than what we see other people doing on our social feeds.

In this episode of 100 Not Out, Marcus asks himself, and you, these five questions and provides his own answers, whilst also inviting you to do the same.

The Five Key Questions

Q1: Are you loving where you live?

Q2: Are you loving how you spend your 9-5?

Q3: Are you loving your rituals? Morning / Evening / Weekends / Any others? Share mine

Q4: Are you loving the way you move?

Q5: Are you loving the people you surround yourself with?


In question 4, Marcus referred to the MOVI Workspace Desk.

In Question 5, Marcus referred to The Wellness Basecamp in Fremantle, Newcastle & Auckland.

The Wellness Summit, The 100 Not Out Longevity Experience and Exceptional Life Blueprint Live in Byron Bay were also mentioned.

The books he is reading at the moment is The Artist’s Way and I Am Malala.