Show Notes

Damian Kristof’s voice is a little down this week and so we’ve taken the opportunity to give you front row seats at our recent Wellness Summit – where Damian Kristof opened the show.
Despite this being our sixth Wellness Summit, Damo had never opened before. Let’s just say he made up for lost time –

• Damo took aim at “incredible” Instagram accounts that focus on wellness but have no ability to prescribe or give advice
• Damo explained what happens to the body when we are under stress
• Damo describes some of the “sliding doors” moments that impacted his own health decisions
• Damo outlined how each and every one of us can come back to a common sense approach to wellness.

Love this talk? Come and see Damo live alongside Marcus, Brett Hill, Kim Morrison, Steph Lowe, Wendy Steward and Jess Naughton at The Wellness Basecamp in Bendigo this Saturday, October 27.

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