Show Notes

Judgement. It’s everywhere. You get judged on a daily basis, perhaps on a minute by minute basis, and mostly without your knowledge. Often you get judged by the people you know and love and that can hurt the most.

On this episode of 100 Not Out, we share some personal stories on being judged and what impact it can have on personal fulfillment.

We share our own tips on how to minimize judging (it will never be eliminated) and on developing the courage and resilience to be authentic and accepting.

A big thanks to Alice Murkies and Rhonda Hafey for being the catalysts to this conversation. Alice and Rhonda have both had their parents interviewed on 100 Not Out and are pictured here with Marcus.

Alice is the daughter of Ada Murkies, recipient of the Siberian Exile Cross for her heroics during the second World War. Rhonda is the daughter of football legend Tommy Hafey, who was featured on episode two of 100 Not Out and is still to this day the favourite episode of many loyal listeners.