Show Notes

We are blessed to have Dr John Demartini join us for the THIRD time on 100 Not Out in this special 2-part interview.

Dr Demartini’s work gets a regular mention on our podcast but it would be unfair to Dr Demartini and our listeners – especially the new ones -if we didn’t provide some context as to why we hold him in such high regard …

As a young child, John Demartini wore hand and leg braces to correct a birth defect. At school he had difficulty reading, writing and speaking which was later diagnosed as dyslexia and a speech impediment. In first grade, his teacher announced to his parents that he would never read, write, communicate, never amount to anything, nor go very far in life. At the age of 14 he left school and headed for Hawaii where at 17 he had a near death experience as a result of strychnine poisoning.

When he was 17, he met a 93 year old man called Paul Bragg who assisted him to awaken to an inspired vision of becoming a teacher, healer and philosopher.

To cut a long story short, he went on to do all of those things. At 63 Not Out, Dr Demartini has now spent over 42 years avidly researching over 260 different disciplines and “ologies” such as psychology, cosmology, economics, sociology, biology, theology, and so on.

Today … he travels over 360 days a year to more than 50 countries, where he shares his research and findings across the globe. He is the author of over forty books and over 50 audio and video programs. Millions of people recognise him from his role in The Secret … and I’ve hardly scratched the surface …

On most weekends of the year you will find Dr Demartini presenting his signature course … The Breakthrough Experience … of which we have both completed in our time … and it’s here that Dr Demartini teaches and helps people reduce stress, resolve conflict and allow people to open their heart and mind to a new perspective and paradigm for life.