Show Notes

This is an inspiring story about someone who, liked thousands of others in the health and wellness world, thought that her “extreme” behaviour was a “balanced life”. Can you relate to this?

For Hillary King-Sullivan, attending the 100 Not Out Longevity Retreat to Ikaria was the turning point. She described the event not as a holiday or a retreat, but an immersion, which is why, in her own words, she has made such incredible, lasting change since.

Tune in for this remarkable story of transformation and inspiration. And if you’re ready to make a significant shift in your life, just like Hillary did, come and join us in Ikaria for the 2017 Greek Island Longevity Retreat.

Also, for more on Hillary’s incredible back story, listen to episode 287 of The Wellness Guys, where LT and Damian ask Hillary about the premature death of her husband and how she has raised her two incredible sons, Hamish & Giles.

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