Show Notes

Our guest on this edition of 100 Not Out is a fascinating human being.

Andy Ramage is a former professional athlete turned oil broker who decided to go one year without beer – and it has stuck.

Andy is also a master practitioner of NLP, a mindfulness based awareness coach and is currently studying for a master’s degree in both positive psychology and coaching psychology.

A love of wellbeing and peak performance led Andy to stop drinking alcohol in the face of massive social pressure. Running a brokerage in the city and ‘not drinking’ is almost unheard of. From this experience he realised that there were probably millions of others out there desperate for a break from alcohol who could not overcome this pressure. So he wrote a book and co-founded a movement with Ruari Fairbairn’s called OneYearNoBeer a 30, 90 and 365 day alcohol free challenge to change peoples perception of alcohol.

Andy’s unique background, education and experience of running OneYearNoBeer make him one of the world’s leading habit change experts.

Questions we ask Andy on this episode include –

Q: Why did you go One Year No Beer?

Q: What’s the response been like from your peer group?

Q: Andy you’re a former professional athlete turned oil broker – how has the response been amongst friends with your approach?

Q: During this process Andy dropped from 28% body-fat to 10% & his daily routines make sure he is in better physical health than ever been before – Was it just NO BEER that made the change?

Q: What do you say to people who have a drink every now and again. Like one beer a week or fortnight, or just a random glass of wine?

Q: What impact has OYNB / going without beer had on your family life?

Q: Is OYNB mainly for people who feel that beer (or alcohol) is weilding too big an influence in their life?

Q: Let’s discuss some of the 7 tips in the Mind Body Green article by Andy

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