Show Notes

This enthralling chat on mindfulness with world leader Marvin Oka was too difficult to condense into one episode.

So on part 2 we explore how to deal with life’s problems in a mindful way. What do you do when the kids are going crazy? What about when you’ve had a fight with your partner?

How do you get through a tough day at the office in a mindful way?

We ask the hard questions about the tough times in order to gain clarity on what mindfulness really is, when to apply it, HOW to apply it, and how to deal with others who may not be so focussed on mindfulness!

We also discuss what type of growth people in positions of leadership need to undertake. There are three types which Marvin refers to near the end of the episode.

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You can also find Marvin interviewed on The Wellness Guys on episode 219

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