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TPS 73: We Love Paleo Documentary Interview With Indie Filmmaker Caroleen Moise Reimann

27, Jun, 2014
}30 Minutes

Show Notes

We all know them, we’ve seen them, we’ve heard them- heck we might even have been one ourselves. You know when you discover something so great you’ll simply burst if you can’t get it out to the world? So what do we do when we have an important and life changing message to share? Well this week we are talking to the makers of the feature documentary, “We Love Paleo”. Caroleen is a dedicated and passionate film professional, ready to do whatever it takes to make this crowd funded documentary and get it out to as many people as possible so that this film can spread the Paleo message and raise public awareness about this way of living. We Love Paleo, examines the Paleo lifestyle and reveals what it means to be Paleo in a mainstream world. It takes us on a close up, challenging but rewarding journey of people as they undergo the transformation from their new way of life and become passionate about promoting Paleo to others.
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