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TPS 199: Get back to your Rootz

Episode 199
16, Dec, 2016
}33 Minutes

Show Notes

This week Brett interview Harrison Levy from Rootz nutrition about what to eat when you are exercising. Harrison loves his training and does about 12 hours a week of Cross Fit style training but became frustrated at the chemical shit storm that is most commercially available pre and post workout products. He decided to do something about it, firstly just for himself (sourcing materials from the local health food shop) and now commercially with his Rootz product range. So tune in to find out what you should eat before and after a workout, whether you need pre and post workout supplementation, what you can do if you want to create your own and what you should look for if you do want to purchase a commercially available product. So tune in for some great, honest information from a guy who is passionate about sharing the benefits of real, whole food nutrition with your workouts.

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